Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hidden Secrets to Make Money Online, As Much US$1000 a Month

It has been almost about 14 months, since I was online doing business, and I started learning Internet Marketing from spending US$297 on this. At that time was called Accelerated Internet Wealth Series which is a 9 DVD Video series which I learned lots of nice tips from Corel Rudl, however he had since pass away since last year, I truly respect what he teaches as he is really sincere in his teachings =)
During that time my journey in Internet Marketing was seriously not a fun one, countless times I have been trying to think how do those Gurus reach to a point where they can comfortability stay at home and make a big fortune all from using their PC. Believe me when I say this as there was even one time, I was SO skeptical if I can seriously make even any decent income online.
Through my hardship and endurance, it was until I started my first Internet Marketing cheques coming in monthly which then leaked me into creating my second product here. Once I did that my income jump from 3 figures to over 5 figures and amazingly this blog you are reading also started to make more income from advertisements and reviews.

So What's My Hidden Secret That Leap Me To Where I Am Today?

It's no secret my friend! The real secret is I work very hard on doing only one thing and that isMARKETING! You may be thinking what is marketing? Very simple it means I was working really hard to bring traffic to my websites and products! I teach this countless number of times in my classes with my students and I know you cannot make a sale if you do not know how to drive traffic to your sites.

So unlike 90% of the people who fail in Internet Marketing in their first 3 months, I truly had a strong desire to succeed and that lead me into spending over 3 to 5 hours daily on my Internet Marketing business part time doing marketing almost 40% of the free time I had at work! And that was how I made this blog as popular as what it is today generating over 800 visits per day =)

So Alvin How Can I Start Making Money Online?

The basics to make money online is very simple, you drive people to a website, and if they like it they would buy it. Simply put it there are only three way to drive traffic. Buy, Steal & Attract and all these mentions are mentioned in my book here.

If you have yet to sign up for a ClickBank account, I highly recommend you do so by just clicking here. Because if you have not even register how can you sell stuff online? So please take 5 minutes and go register an account, it's free anyway and you can start promoting any product you can find in ClickBank's Marketplace.

My own product the Atomic Blogging was also listed in ClickBank and until today it's still ranked No.3 under blogging which is selling really well. If you have sign up for ClickBank already you may want to consider selling my product by registering for free here. So what I did that time basically I was master in driving traffic to my sites. If you can bring at least 100 people to my site, you will get at least a conversion of 3% to a sale. Which means out of 100 people who visit this site, 3 person will actually buy the product which in return you will make 75% commission out of the price shown there!

I knew that selling small ticket items on ClickBank was really great but what stuck me lately was this interesting concept! What if you have a opportunity to sell things online but earn commission as high as US$1,000? Would that be interesting?

Start To Sell High Ticket Items

Recently, I did some research, there are numerous number of high ticket items that are priced from a range of US$500 to as high as US$3,000 even! Furthermore, guess what for each sale you make from such sites you can make at least 50% of the price!

I noticed most of the high ticket items were either DVDs or Coaching Programs sold by Gurus online, and you will be surprised the packages and coaching programs sold online is so much cheaper than buying it from events = P

One such Guru I found online was Dan Lok's Affiliate Program here. If you actually just visit this site here, you can actually earn a commission as high as US$1,000 PER SALE! That's a huge commission if you ask me =P

Alvin Can High Ticket Items Sell?

Some marketers who have been marketing $7 to $97 products online have been very successful selling them but one shocking thing was I do have also friends who sell high ticket items, and what they told me was selling high ticket items were also as good as selling small ticket items.

However, there are a few factors to consider when choosing which item to sell. The first thing you must realize and understand is the sale process of the sales copy and also if the sales copy on the page has a high conversion ratio. According to his website, he did state on one of his high ticket items is converting at 0.25 which means I need at least 4,000 hits to his website in order to generate one sale for him which I can make US$1,000. If you ask me the fastest way to get 4,000 hit, if you are smart just use PPC or Article Marketing you can that 4,000 in no time with lots of marketing =)


I hope you find this article would be a great eye opener for you and if you would like to read more do remember to click here to subscribe to my blog and leave some comment below, take care and god bless. Alvin Phang

Alvin Phang is The Author of Atomic Blogging 2.0, Currently Ranked As The World's No.1 Blogger

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