Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogs and Adsense-How To Make Money

If you like to blog and you would like to make money from your blog, then consider utilizing Adsense.

Google Adsense requires pasting code on your blog page that will generate advertisements. When you have done this, relevant ads related to your blog content will show up on your page. For example, if your blog is about 'pet care', then all the ads that appear on your site from Adsense, will be about 'pet care'. Pretty neat, isn't it?

Adsense-How does it work?

To keep it elementary, you get paid every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements. That's it. If a visitor comes to your site, hopefully one of your ads will fascinate their eye, and clink on the link. Every time somebody does this, you make money.

How to get traffic to your Blog/Adsense site

There's a number of techniques to get traffic to your blog. You can utilize any one of these ideas, but I recommend that you employ all of them for success.

(1) Publish unique and instructive articles for your blog.

(2) Publish on a regular basis.

How often ought you publish? That's up to you. Just make certain it's consistent. If it is once a week, then make certain you publish once a week. I personally like to publish once a week because this permits me to take my time to compose an effective article. Occasionally, I'll write two or more articles and then set up my blog to publish my articles a week apart. I utilize this method when I have great ideas. It helps me not to have burn out too. If you prefer to publish more frequently, you can, but just remember to be consistent.

(3) Rewrite the articles that you've published and submit them to article directories, such as GoArticles.com or ezinearticles.com.

This is another reason why I publish only once a week. Once I've written my master article, I'll then rewrite it so I can submit it to one of the article directories. I only pick out one directory since I do not want to submit duplicate content to the web. Nevertheless, if somebody uses your article, it will be duplicated anyways, go figure. You could rewrite the article a 3rd time, if you have the time, or you can utilize any of the tools on the web that will rewrite it for you. I have not discovered one that works well for me, so I just do it by hand. 'WordFlood', is a fine free tool to use to help you rewrite your articles. It highlights every word and when you hover over a word it will show you a listing of associated words. You are able to then scroll down and pick a different word to substitute the master. It's a pretty cool tool.

But the rationality for you rewriting your articles and submitting them to directories is to acquire backlinks to your blog. In the author's bio box, I'll build a link back to my primary site, then I'll make a link in my 1st and concluding paragraph. I have the links in my first and final paragraphs point directly to the article I just published on my blog. I'll anchor the links with my top keywords for that article. For example, if I published an article about 'fleas' on my 'pet care' site, I might link the phrase, 'how to get rid of fleas', someplace in my 1st paragraph, then I may link the phrase, 'flea control', in my concluding paragraph. The intention of this process is to show the search engines what top keywords you would like to employ to point to the article on your blog.

(4) If you're using Firefox, add the plug in called 'Searchstatus'. This plug in permits you to see the pageranks and the Alexa ratings for whatever site you visit. Additionally, it has the function of highlighting the sites that are dofollow sites. These sites, whenever you make a comment on them, creates a link back to your site. The majority of sites are not dofollow but nofollow, so this cool plug in helps you to not waste your time commenting all over, hoping for a backlink. Make about 3 to 5 comments on sites that have got good pagerank and related content to your blog, and eventually, you'll get indexed by the SEs and you'll begin bringing hits to your blog.

As your blog gets visible to the SEs, a lot of traffic will come to your blog. And if you have Google Adsense set up on your blog displaying relevent advertisements, you visitors could click on them and you might be on your way to making money online.

 Chris Mills.Chris is the Senior Editor for Articles About Making Money, and Nicks Golf Palace.

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