Friday, February 20, 2009

Traffic:Blogging success Factor

The easiest way to build your Blog business is to draw traffic to your Blog/site. That means you need to know the concept of traffic building in order to know what works and what doesn't work. It isn't as simple as submitting your URL to the search engines though that will certainly draw traffic initially. You need to have a blogsite that will appeal to visitors so that they not only want to return but also want to tell others about your website. Even within the online community word of mouth-or in this case word of fingers-is the most effective means of advertising.

In addition to having a well-designed webblog/site, the content on your website must be of high quality. Many website owners today use traffic building that includes quality content that is relative to the products and services they are promoting. They usually will hire or contract writers who are experienced in SEO writing in order to help with the traffic building process. Articles that are optimized for the search engines will provide more visitors because of their high rankings with the search engines. The way to ensure the most effective traffic building is to ensure that your website appears in the first three pages of search results.

Traffic building is the most important thing you can do for your website. If you want to be successful in your online business traffic building is an essential part of reaching that goal. This is more essential if you have a non-disposal product or service since you will need to be on the lookout for new customers.

In conclusion no traffic no success. Remember the number 1 success factor in online busines blogging business is traffic, traffic and traffic.

See you at the bank,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To make Money Flipping Websites

Website Flipping? Making Money Online is becoming a popular issue when it comes to e-sphere.There are many tricks of making money online,One of this tricks is making money Flipping websites.

What is Website Flipping?Website flipping simply means buying domain name,build a website and sell it back for profit.There are many people out there that are ready to buy an already built website to use.Website flipping is just like flipping building.Build a house and sell it back for profit.

Steps Of Flipping Websites

You don't just jump in and start flipping website,I guarantees a failure if you do it.There are many steps to follow and knowledge to acquire.below are steps of flipping website

1.Buy A Good Domain Name:Let me disappoint you if you think that people will buy a websites with stupid domain name,sorry,they can't.One of the first things to consider while flipping website is good domain name.Your domain name must be meaningful.Related to the niche you wants to focus and be easy to remember.A good domain name will fasten your sales and will improve the price of your domain name.

2.Webhosting:You need a webhosting on were to design the website first.You can use your existing webhosting account as the buyer of your website will transfer it to his/her webhosting account.

3.Highly Targeted Niche: This is also important. Infact this should come first. For you to sell you website fast and high priced,you need to target your niche on were people are likely searching and will stick on. Here are some highly targeted Niche
health and fitness
music and entertainment

4.Template:Create a unique and attractive template.Make it looks like your niche.If you build a music website,make your template to look music!

5.Articles: Add about 4 or 5 articles.These are called pillar posts.

6.Navigation: Make your page easy to navigate.
Selling Your Website
After build the website,the final thing is selling it.Were to sell the website ain't problem at all,You can sell your website by advertising it in your blogs and forums.Here is the best 2 places to sell websites

Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Daily Activities to Grow Your Online Business

Congratulations, you have an online business! Now you just need to take the steps to make sure you are growing your business each and every day.

Your business will not prosper if you are always shuffling paperwork around. You need to do something every day to make it happen. No matter what it is you must take action. There is no growth without action. Here are 10 daily activities that can easily help your business grow.

Make Calls - If your business requires it make sure that you are making your daily phone calls. Some types of calls you can make include reaching out to past customers to see if they need anything, checking up on current customer orders, and asking their opinion of your service.

Answer Emails - Make it a policy to answer all of your emails within 24 hours. If someone went to the trouble of contacting you via email they are probably expecting an answer fairly quickly. Responding as quickly as you are able will give people the impression that they matter to you.

Build Your List - One of the first things you should do in any online business is create a sign up form to get people on your "list." It doesn't matter if you have a purpose for that list yet or not - just that you get one started. Once you get a list started then you can start communicating with them and build a relationship in which you are seen as the expert in a specific niche.

Build Relationships
- Part of any growing business is building relationships. You can do this fairly easy by using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These can be time suckers though so use them wisely. Responsible use of a social networking site can mean quick growth.

Become an Expert
- Start writing articles to share information. Post them on your own site or share them on some of the several article reprint sites. You can submit them for other people to add to their websites. It's like free advertising for your business. People look to "experts" for their information.

Share Your Knowledge
- There are so many ways you can share the information you have on your quest to become the expert in your field. Write a newsletter or write an article for someone else's newsletter. Offer your expertise to podcast show/audio site owners. They are always looking for interesting guests to interview that are willing to share valuable information to their audience. Make yourself available for written or phone interviews. Again, this can be a valuable way to boost your visibility as an expert.

Participate - Be a part of your community. Leave relevant comments on other people's blogs. Don't comment for the sole purpose of leaving your business information. That's spam plain and simple and isn't tolerated well by blog owners. Likewise, answer questions on forums and in chat rooms that have to do with your online business of choice.

Create - Alongside articles, create information products to sell or giveaway to your "list" (see why a list is so important?) In addition, create an FAQ page and answer popular questions or even publish the answer to questions posed to the readers of your newsletter.

Post Fresh Content
- Keep the information on your website up-to-date and add new stuff. Search engines like websites that look like they're updated frequently so you are more apt to appear high in the search engine listings if you do so.

Offline - Don't forget about marketing your business locally and offline as well. Anything you can do online can be done offline. Some ideas? Get a car magnet or sticker, business cards, create flyers, join your local chamber of commerce.

These are not the only things you can do to grow your online business by any means. They are good places to start and build from. The important this is to do something and do it daily. By making a conscious effort to grow your business each and every day, you'll see the fruits of your efforts before you know it.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lookman invites you to MySpace

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Who Uses MySpace?
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* Friends who want to talk Online
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

11 Secrets to Gaining and Fostering Online Trust

by Peter Wink

As an online publisher or affiliate, it is always
important to do everything you can to encourage repeat
business. After all, first-time customers are not only
the easiest to re-sell if you follow my tactics below--
they are the least expensive.

So how do you gain and foster trust in the eyes of your
new customer? How do you get them to spend their hard-
earned money with you again and again?

Over the years, I've identified 11 important keys to
gaining and fostering online trust with your customers.
By consistently keeping these tactics in mind when selling
online, you'll keep your customers happy and take your
sales to a new level.

#1: Establish a Track Record
This is the most effective way to build trust. Each
time you sell a product or make a promise, make sure
you do exactly what you say. Over a period of time,
your customers will feel comfortable with taking you
at your word without question.

If you breach this trust or betray them it will cost
you future sales in the long run. Establishing a track
record takes time, but it's well worth it.

#2: Follow Up
After making a sale, make sure to contact your customer
within 24 hours and find out if they're happy with your
product or service. People will respect you for
following up. This shows your customer that you care
about them.

#3: Keep in Touch
This is a long-term version of following up. After you
make a sale, keep in touch. Send an email asking the
customer how they liked your product. If possible, and
if you have their permission, call them as a follow up.
Find out if your product is performing as promised.
This builds a bond with your customers.

Usually when a merchant rips someone off or makes a shady
deal, they disappear. Many online merchants make returning
a product or getting customer service support almost
impossible. By staying in touch, you demonstrate a level
of integrity that'll put customers at ease when they do
future deals with you.

Here's another idea -- start a newsletter and, as long
as you have their permission, reach out to
your customers at least once a month, or send them an online
survey to fill out. You can send surveys using
Zoomerang, available at:

#4: Go the Extra Mile
I think Harvey McKay, author of Swim with the Sharks
without Being Eaten Alive, says it best, "Underpromise"
and "Overdeliver." This means doing more than what's
expected. Unfortunately, it's usually the other way around.
By doing more, you add more value. It's more than just
delivering quality--it's delivering a level of quality
and integrity that goes above and beyond the initial

When you go the extra mile and truly satisfy the other
party, you make yourself indispensable to them. An
example would be sending a special email every once in
a while to all your customers with an article or tip
relating to your product (just make sure you have their
permission first). This will not go unnoticed.

#5: Show Empathy
Most prospective customers are not just poor decision
makers--they're terrible. They may be terrified to buy
online or spend a certain amount of money. Understand
this is a weakness and help them. Be willing to assist
customers in making a decision. Give them an outstanding
no-questions-asked promise. Provide multiple testimonials.
Provide an 800# where customers can call if they have
questions. Put yourself in your prospective customers'
shoes and think like they do.

#6: Be Trusting of Others
This is very tricky during your first sale. Don't be
afraid to give your customers a better-than-average
money-back promise, and highlight that fact. Most
customers are honest and will not keep your product
while asking for a refund. It may happen occasionally,
but it is the exception, not the rule. Most people
have good intentions.

#7: Admit When You're Wrong
Sometimes you may sell a product that, for whatever
reason, does not deliver as promised. For instance,
your product may contain audio or video files that
do not work as planned. It happens!

If you want to build trust, proactively admit when
you've made a mistake and then do everything you
can to quickly correct it. By admitting you're wrong,
you show you're trustworthy. Your customer knows that
when you admit to being wrong (especially if you're
proactive), you're demonstrating a high level of
honesty and integrity. Just make sure to do it quickly!

#8: Be a Team Player
Approach every sale as if you and your customer are on
the same team. Keep in mind that the goal of every deal
is to find a winning solution for everyone. You make a
sale by solving someone's problem, and they provide you
payment in exchange. A sense of teamwork builds
friendship and camaraderie.

#9: Communicate Clearly
To build trust with customers, you must be clear,
articulate, and precise every time you communicate.
If you're not clear, or seem to be hiding information,
customers will automatically think you have a hidden
agenda and start to distrust you and/or your organization.

#10: Be Fair with Everyone
Being fair means treating people equally. Have a genuine
respect for everyone you sell to. All things being equal,
never give a special discount to one person and not another.
You never know which customers will turn out to be the most
profitable in the long run, so it's best to treat everyone
as if they were your top customer.

#11: Walk Your Talk
Stand behind what you say, do, buy, and sell. If you say
something, mean it. If you sell something, use it. If
you do something, do it with the highest level of integrity.

Be genuine about who you are and never misrepresent yourself
or your product. If you tell your customers that a product
will do something, make sure it does. If you tell a customer
that you provide a special guarantee, honor it.

If you make a habit of using these techniques as often as
possible when interacting with your customers and making sales,
you'll develop stronger relationships and have customers who
buy from you again and again!

Peter Wink,, is an authority on negotiation
strategies and dealmaking. He is the author of Negotiate Your
Way to Riches and Buying Secrets Retailers DON'T Want You to
Know About.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Money Is In The List

Dear friend,

You are welcome to this brand new year and as usual you are going to be learning easy and insightful ways to make money online especially this year 2009.

This year one important tool you will need to succeed is your opt-in List. I am sure you must have heard from online gurus that that your money is in the list. This is a fact because you need your own list to make the most impact inthe online business game. Your List is your potential and ready made customer that you can contact any time you have anything to sell to or promote.

You dont need to buy a list because most of them are rubbish but you can build your own list free. At least, it is not hard and anybody can do it and why not.

Head over to learn why and how

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