Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To make Money Flipping Websites

Website Flipping? Making Money Online is becoming a popular issue when it comes to e-sphere.There are many tricks of making money online,One of this tricks is making money Flipping websites.

What is Website Flipping?Website flipping simply means buying domain name,build a website and sell it back for profit.There are many people out there that are ready to buy an already built website to use.Website flipping is just like flipping building.Build a house and sell it back for profit.

Steps Of Flipping Websites

You don't just jump in and start flipping website,I guarantees a failure if you do it.There are many steps to follow and knowledge to acquire.below are steps of flipping website

1.Buy A Good Domain Name:Let me disappoint you if you think that people will buy a websites with stupid domain name,sorry,they can't.One of the first things to consider while flipping website is good domain name.Your domain name must be meaningful.Related to the niche you wants to focus and be easy to remember.A good domain name will fasten your sales and will improve the price of your domain name.

2.Webhosting:You need a webhosting on were to design the website first.You can use your existing webhosting account as the buyer of your website will transfer it to his/her webhosting account.

3.Highly Targeted Niche: This is also important. Infact this should come first. For you to sell you website fast and high priced,you need to target your niche on were people are likely searching and will stick on. Here are some highly targeted Niche
health and fitness
music and entertainment

4.Template:Create a unique and attractive template.Make it looks like your niche.If you build a music website,make your template to look music!

5.Articles: Add about 4 or 5 articles.These are called pillar posts.

6.Navigation: Make your page easy to navigate.
Selling Your Website
After build the website,the final thing is selling it.Were to sell the website ain't problem at all,You can sell your website by advertising it in your blogs and forums.Here is the best 2 places to sell websites



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Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you so much it has been a fantastic guide, now to make money flipping websites is definitely simple with the help of your guidance. Thanks

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