Thursday, November 20, 2008

How To Sell Products Online & Actually Make Money

Wondering how you can sell products online and actually make some money in the process? Well, i'm here to show you how. I successfully sell a variety of different products online, and it's a simply a matter of tapping into the human psyche and filling a need.

Here's a few tips.

To Sell Products Online You Must Use Emotion

Selling products online is as simple as creating a little bit of emotion on the part of the consumer. If you can do this successfully, then you will have no problem being successful in your endeavors. For instance, I have several websites related to losing weight quickly and easily. If I simply talk about the herbs in the products and where they are from, I will rarely ever get a conversion. But, if I can excite the customer by talking about the radical weight loss they are about to experience, their new confidence, and consequently their incredible sex appeal. Well, then I may have a possible sale on my hands.

If you are using the old, traditional, storefront and trying to sell online. Stop. Emotion sells on the Internet, and if you are not using it, you are missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Information Is A Necessity In Selling Products Online

While emotion is the king, information is the queen of online sales. If you can put together the correct mix of useful information to ease any qualms of the legitimacy of your product, and excitement to get the conversion - you are in a great position to do well. Don't neglect to do your research, and incorporate it into your ad copy each and every time.

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Brandon Walsh is an Ezine expert author in the fields of online marketing and business creation, and has over 200,000 published article views. He currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI where he is successfully making a full-time income in several online opportunities.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How To Make Money On The Net FREE

Yes you can really make money on the internet following these little secrets I am going to be showing you. In fact, I have discovered three (3) must have secrets to making money on the internet.

1. Search: You can start making money on the net free of charge. I mean, free without spending a dime, except for the time and dedication invested. Just conduct a search on the popular search engines on the web like Google and yahoo, for "money making programs" or "making money online". For better result you can include "free" in your search queries and you will be surprise with the result you will get (more than 1000 programs) on how to earn legitimate income online. Then you can pick one or two of such programs and do further research on them, to know how to benefit from them. The programs you can make money from on the internet includes; Freelancing, Data Entry, Information and Article Marketing, website Designing, Domain Name selling, Multilevel Marketing, Blogging, Google Adsense, online Stock Trading, Forex Trading etc.

2. Action: The second secret is to actually start putting your discovery in 1 above into practice. A lot of people do the first step and think that is all to it, but you can never make money online or offline without doing anything. There is no such thing ass "get rich quick" on the internet, they don`t exist and anyone who tell you they do is a liar and possibly a thief. Making money on the internet is like anything else in life, it requires effort.

3. Commitment: The third secret of making money on the internet is dedication and commitment to the program you are working on. That is, you should work at the program till you get it and start making money from it. This is also true of any business at all both online and offline. This is where, educations comes in because should be ready to learn everything about the program you are working on. Remember, the ultimate end is to make money on the internet. The good thing is that getting the desired education online is not difficult at all ll you need do is seek and you shall find. In fact, you can find successful online entrepreneurs locally who are willing to help, people like Obazu Ojeagbaze( publisher Success Digest Extra and Complete soccer), Akin Alabi, Iyabo Oyawale, Henry Omonegor, Lateef Olajide, Taiwo Balogun ,Uche David and Julius Ojeagbaze. You can also get free quality education by joining online Forums where you learn from tested and trusted
entrepreneurs who are already making a living online. Just sign up to this forums and start asking questions concerning the program you have choosen to work with. Go to forums like,, ,,,,

Friday, November 7, 2008

71 Sites You Can Get Freelance Jobs From!

If you want to stay in your house and still make a lot of money online doing freelance work,then,pay more than a passing interest in this article as I reveal 71 sites where you can get freelance jobs from.

On these sites,the freelance jobs available include but are not limited to:

Ebooks creation/writing
SEO Content
Music Composition
Graphic design and logo design
Web content
Website programming and coding
Web tool development
Chat room and forums moderators and monitors
Live Help assistants
Schedule maintenance
Virtual assistants/secretaries
Report writing
Copywriting and editing
Publishing assistance
Ebay listings
Article compositions and rewrites

And whatever else you can think of

There are thousands of qualified people who actually make their living freelancing on
the web.

Other than the 4 famous freelancing sites,,,,, here are other freelancing sites you can use:



Agave Blue

All Freelancers


AssemblaTalent - Software

Bid a Job Online

Bid This Project

Careers From Home

CGI Lance



Coder For Rent


Contracted Work






Freelance Auction

Freelance Auctionnetwork

Freelance BBS

Freelance Center

Freelance Central

Freelance Groups

Freelance Seek






Get a Freelancer




Hire Coders





Outsource Today


PHP Freelancers



Project Bids

Project Posting

Project Simple


Projects Pool


Rent Coder






Support Universe

Technical Outsourcing


Total Freelance - Translation


Bid Start Scripting Services

Outsource work

European and Greek Freelancers

Contract Freelancers

All India freelance IT jobs Portal

What more can I say but happy freelancing!

Note:You are 100% free to use this article on your website,blog or forum once you include the resource box below:

Iyabo Oyawale quit her day job in August 2007 to pursue her dreams of making money online.You can download her 100% free success manuals at as well as

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Paid to Read Email

Dear friend,

Sorry, for not talking with you for some time, it was due to the research i was doing on my new eBook project about Blogging for profit.

In the course of my research on ways to make easy money on the internet i discovered this little program where you get paid to read mails. Though, this can not replace a regular income and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a sure source of additional income.
The site is : . The program is free and you can start earning immediately once you sign up with your email and name. 

The beautiful part is that you get $10 when you sign up. Trust me i already have my first check paid to my account, if not i wont be recommending the program. The program is so simple that you are not required to do any serious job, just read the email sent to your personal mail box on a daily basis. I don't think this will a trouble to you unless you need few bucks, and who doesn't.

Still waiting, why not start right away by signing up here: Hits4Pay.Com/member
Don't forget you are not alone on this, there thousand of other people already benefitting from this, dont be left alone, atleast some few dollars wont tear your purse.

See yaa, waiting to hear from you. The site is Get paid To Read Mails on topicsof your interested at

To your success,

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