Thursday, October 16, 2008

Email Marketing Secrets - How to Make All the Money You Want With Email Marketing

Email marketing is my main method of driving in profits on the Internet - a lot of profits! Sure, I use article marketing to get the initial traffic, I have squeeze pages and I have sales pages. I do joint ventures. But at the heart of the money making process are email promotions.

I automate a variety of traffic sources on the Internet towards my squeeze pages, then I have a follow-up system that drives subscribers towards my sales pages and towards my affiliate links. The whole system is designed to educate as well as make money. The fuel for the system is traffic, but the system itself, the machine, it is email marketing.

With every email I send, depending on the subject line, the body copy and the quality of the offer, I can get 2,000+ visitors or more to my sales pages and my affiliate links. On a 'poor' day, I easily top the 1,000+ unique hits mark. If I can convert just 2 out of 100 visitors for 2,000 unique visitors, that's 40 sales. And if my conversion rate doubles at 4, that's 80 sales! If I'm promoting a $50 product, that's an instant windfall of over $2,000. And I regularly achieve this.

There are generally two kinds of offers you can promote with emails - your own products or affiliate products. I like to promote cost-per-action offers in non Internet marketing niches because the customer doesn't have to buy anything; he just has to fill up a form and I get paid very handsomely sometimes. Very profitable indeed!

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