Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Email Marketing - 5 Profitable Tips to Create an Email Money Machine

Email marketing does get a little confusing for new marketers and even seasoned marketers sometimes. There are so many crucial elements to building a profitable list that one can get lost easily. Here are 5 profitable tips to create an email money machine in no time flat:

1. Only Work For Targeted Traffic

Don't waste time on traffic generation sources such as traffic exchanges or FFA sites. These don't work at all, period! You should spend your marketing time on targeted traffic sources like article marketing, forum marketing, pay per click advertising etc.

2. Send Unique Free Content

Your subscribers signed up for your list expecting to get free content. So you've got to give it to them! Write your own unique articles or create your own free reports and send it out to your subscribers.

3. Write Killer Subject Lines

The key to getting more opens is by writing compelling subject lines that trigger the clicks! If you want more of your emails to be opened and read, study the subject lines of successful marketers and emulate their style of writing.

4. Always Call-To-Action

Always, always include a call-to-action at the end of your emails to get the action you want - whether it's to buy a product, register for a membership site or download a free report. If you want your subscribers to act, you've got to tell them to do so!

5. Promote Relevant Offers To Your Subscribers

It goes without saying that you have to promote relevant offers to your list. If your subscribers signed up for dog grooming tips, don't suddenly send them weight loss information! Although some subscribers may appreciate it, many won't. So always keep things relevant to the theme of your list.

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