Monday, October 27, 2008

3 Guaranteed Steps to Make Money Online

Dear friend,

Have you been trying to make money online but no luck yet or just don’t know how to start?

To get started you need a product(s) to sell but the product need not be your own.

If you want to get your internet marketing career off
the ground but have no product, here's a very easy 3
step process that'll help you do that.

Step 1 - Products

Every marketer needs a product to sell, but as we said
above you do not have one.

That's not a problem.

Since you don't have a product of your own I will show
you how to get your hands on hundreds of products that
you can use to create positive cash flow.

The first thing you need to do is visit Clickbank
( and sign up as an affiliate (it is free).

Once you're signed up you can look at the top of the page
and click on the link that says "Marketplace,".

Here you'll find an easy to use search function to help
you find products to market.

When deciding on a product in the marketplace look under
the listing and you'll see a list of numbers.

There are 2 things that you are looking for.

A.) %/sale:

This tells what percentage of the sale you're going to earn
as an affiliate.

You should never sell a product that is paying you less than
50%. Ideally you'll want to promote products that pay
65% - 75% in commission.

B.) %refd:

This value tells you the percentage of sales that come from

The higher this number is the better.

Step 2 - Advertising

You now have a product that you want to market and now we
need to get into advertising.

If you want to make money online then you need to get this
business going quickly. To do that you are going to have to
spend a little cash up front.

What you're going to do is promote your product with...

... Pay per Click advertising (PPC).

Go to Google AdWords ( and set up an

Build a list of keywords that you want to use with your
campaign. Keywords are search terms that you think potential
customers will use when searching for information in the niche
that your product serves.

Once you have your list of keywords you'll bid on them.

Basically you'll be telling AdWords how much you are willing
to pay each time your ad is clicked.

The key here is to use very targeted keywords.

If your keywords are too general then you'll get too many
useless responses.

Use laser targeted keywords not general terms.

Once your keywords are in place you need to construct your
ad. Keep your ads short and powerful.

Your ads need to inspire viewers to click it.

One word of caution...never use the word "free" in your ad.

You'll attract every freebie seeker in the world.

Step 3 - Blogging

Start a blog for free at Blogger (

Use your blog to review the products that you're going to
promote and always use your affiliate link in your posts.

Give your viewers some quality content and they'll come back.

You can further monetize your blog using Google AdSense but
that's another article for another time.

If you use this simple 3 step process you'll make money
online in no time. You need to replicate these easy steps to make money over and over again.

Just start now!

Your friend,

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