Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Step By Step Guide Of The Very Best Way To Earn Free Money On The Internet

By Shaun Baird

Learning how to make and earn free money online which you can withdraw and actually hold in your hands is one of THE most sought after dreams of the average person online these days. Everybody wants more money, but less than 17% of them will try to make some of it.

At the end of the day, there is a core of about 5% of people who actually go on to make regular money, with an even smaller number who make it BIG time, despite what thousands and thousands of flashy sales letters might have you believe.

Earning free money online, on the internet, is a great way to achieve an online income, but the path to a regular income is paved with hundreds of obstacles.

One method I have found to be most lucrative is by getting involved in the various PTC (Paid to click) websites.

Most are usually "free to join", they offer an attractive way to earn a few cents for visiting websites.

However firstly ensure you get involved with professional websites, and ones which can actually sustain regular payouts. many sites actually run on the fact that there is not enough money coming in to pay out, should all members decide to refer other members or upgrade. This is a flaw which could lead to major problems in the industry if people do not realise this and choose the safest ones.

So, what do you have to do, and how is money made?

Well, simply, you become a free member, log in at and click on various website links, which opens a new window and shows you a website for, say 30 seconds.By doing this, you get to earn free money online, as you get paid to click the advert links!

The amount is usually small, as the advertiser who is paying you to look at his website obviously would like to get value for his money spent.

However, if you clicked on 10 ads, you could earn 10 cents a day. Here is the magic though.... if you think of it as a business, and find referrals, you also earn money when they click on ads too!Now you will earn even more free money on the internet!

Some websites even sell groups of referrals (people with no referrer, who may have signed up direct at the website), so you can literally buy your way to a huge number of referrals.

Lets say, you eventually managed to gain 500 referrals - which, by the way, a LOT of people are doing these days by buying referrals. You could earn $0.01 for each of the 10 clicks a day you make, plus you could also earn an additional 500 x $0.10 = $50 each and every day.

Imagine you stayed with the website for 3 years and eventually reached 3000 referrals! Remember there are millions of people who want to earn an extra income online!3000 x $0.10 = $300 a day!!!

This might sound crazy, but believe me, this is a truly legitimate way to attract advertisers and consumers together. There are in fact many people earning much more than this.

This is why I strongly recommend getting involved in reputable PTC(Paid To Click) websites if you want to learn the best ways to earn money online free.

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