Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freebie Trading - A Fast And Easy Way To Make Money Online

Hi guys,for those of you who are truly searching for How to make money online the easy and free way, here is a very rich resource article by Marlien Kapchan.Hope you find it very educating as i have done. Happy reading and dont forget to take action..

Freebie trading is a an opportunity to make money online that is conducted in trading forums where members (refer to as freebie traders ) meet to find people to be a referral or a referrer in several freebie sites. Freebie sites are websites that let your earn cash and items as prizes just by completing sponsor offers and referring friends to do the same. Some people rely on freebie trading as an online business while others consider it as a hobby. This method of looking for referrals or referrers is more commonly termed in the forum as buying and selling green, whereas the buyer of green is the referrer and the seller of green is the referral. Green is the term used when a referral has completed the offer requirements in the freebie sites.

When you register in a trading forum, you have to start first as a referral. A lot of traders in the forum will be vying for your utmost attention to make you trade with them. Generally, these traders will willingly pay you to be their referral in the freebie sites that they are working on. Basically, all you have to do as a referral is to sign up under their referral link, complete sponsors offers and go green. As soon as the trader confirmed that you are indeed green at their site, you will get payment usually instantly, straight to your paypal account.

Traders usually pay a referral an amount ranging from $20 - $80 per freebie site depending on the prizes they are working on. As a referral, you have to spend some few dollars for trial offers that usually cost less than $5, some are even free. The ideal scenario is you have to profit at least 100% if you computed the amount you spent less than amount you received your completing offers. For example, you spent $5 to complete the sponsor offers in the freebie site and you get paid $20 for doing so, that is $15 profit for you. Not bad since you did it with very minimal effort, basically you get paid for shopping and trying advertisers' offers. The good thing is you can work on freebie sites as many as you possibly can.

So if you are just looking for a quick bucks or you want to earn some cash fast, becoming a referral in the freebie sites can be a good option for you. You can literally make a few hundred dollars just by signing up for trial products.

The author has been doing freebie trading for barely 7 months but received more than $22,000 worth of cash and items from freebie sites. She is a veteran trader in a popular trading forum where she actively mentor people in the business.

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