Monday, October 29, 2007

Can You Really Make Money Online?By Rama Krishna

We have all heard that there are several ways by which you can make money online. But most of us are yet to make that precious $1 on the internet that will give us the motivation to proceed. But there are people who do make money.

It took me about 6 years to realize that making money on the internet is not tough at all. It is like a global market where the opportunities are endless. You can sell just about anything and make money.

There are so many businesses who want you to sell their wares and there are other methods too.

So let us look at the top three methods of making money online.

A website: A website is the number one step to make money. It is virtually impossible to even step on to the World Wide Web marketplace without a website. There are several companies who can give you a free website, example Geocities. But these companies will use these sites to promote their content as well. So it is recommended that you generate your own website.

Affiliate marketing: There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there that pay you a percentage for every lead or every sale that you give them. You need to draw quality traffic to your website and then insert these affiliate links in them. There are a lot of tricks to draw traffic as well. That leads to website promotion and SEO.

Google AdSense: This relatively simple method of posting the ads which the users want to read has virtually revolutionized the World Wide Web. Almost anyone can make money now with Google AdSense. Quality content is a must because that is the only thing that will draw visitors to your website.

It might take some time but once you master these three tips, you will be minting money and giving instructions to others the way I am doing

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