Thursday, September 11, 2008

How To Generate Free Traffic

Dear Friends,
By now you must have got your free blog up and running, that is if you`ve been following this blog. But if you are new to this site, just check the previous posts on "Google Adsense" series.
However, this post is a complement to the posts on adsense series, and it is on generating Traffic to your blog. There are different method of generating traffics to your blog or site both online and offline, but i will just point out to you the few ones that i use to get result.

Please note that traffic is the lifeblood of any business both online and offline, and blogging is no exception. You can not make a dime if nobody is visiting your blog or site because this will amount to 'winking in the dark'.Therefore to get your blog or site noticed involves a lot of effort and dedication, and this you must do to make money with your site.

My formular for making money with blogging;
 Blog( Site) + Quality Content + FreeTraffic = Profits

 Traffic Secrets

1. Post quality contents regularly: The No.1 secret to driving traffic to your site is posting quality content to your blog to keep your visitors coming back regularly. If you are not a good article writer you can use Private Label Rights Products or get articles from article directories like, http:// 

2.Write Articles: Another source of free traffic is submitting articles to article directories related to your niche and put your link at the end of the article. Google loves three article directories, they are;

3.Forums: Forum is another good source of free traffic to your blog or site. Just sign up with forums related to your niche. One good place to start is WarriorForum at Post articles on your niche or comment on other members post that you like and include a signature or  your blog url(address) and watch your traffic increase. Just search for online forums on the popular search engines to get more forums.

4. Ping your post: To ping simply means to announce your blog to directories that your blog is recently updated. Simply ping every time you make a post to your blog or site.Use free pinging services like, 
The beauty of these sites is that they submit your blog to multiple directories at the same time thereby saving you valuable time.

5 .Free Press Release: Press release is a very useful method of driving real targeted traffic to your blogsite if use very well. Just learn how to write a good press release about your blog and watch the traffic roll. Use free press release services like;

These are just some of the methods i use to drive traffic to my blogsite the free way. There are other methods that both free and paid. Just do your search on are learrn more free ways to drive traffic to your site and wath the dollars roll in.

P.S. : Do Anything and every thing that will drive traffic to your site.Remember no traffic no profit. You can sign up above to get more traffic tips and also get more post delivered to your email box.

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