Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Adsense : The Easiest Way to Earn Legitimate Income Online- Lesson 3

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the second lesson in our Adsense series. In that lesson you learnt how to simply get a Blogger account in 3 simple steps without a knowledge of web designing.

In this post you are going to learn more simple steps to follow to make money with your blog.Yes money, even if you are entirely new to blogging and adsense. Just pay attention to every details and follow the steps.

Now, your blog has to be customized to look like one that makes money.The first thing I do is to revert to classic template.Now don't be carried away with that.The reason why I do this is to be able to place my adsense well since I do not know HTML(that is the programming language of the internet) so much.However,if you understand html very well,you may not do so.To revert to the classic template,simply click on layout/Template,go and click on edit HTML,scroll down the page that opens until you see a link that says "revert to classic template".Click on it and say yes on the small box that comes up.

The next thing to do is to hide the blogger bars of your blog.According to Akin Alabi,the bar makes your blog look unprofessional.To do this,follow the following steps;

1: Log into your account

2: Click on LAYOUT.If you have reverted to classic template,click on TEMPLATE,then click on "edit HTML". When you get there, you'll see lots of codes in the "edit template"box. On the 7th or 8th line of those codes, you'll see

3: Click after and press enter on yourkeyboard.Step

4: Paste the following codes:


5: Click "Save Template"That's it. Check out your blog and the bar must have vanished.

After this,you will have to do a test post on your blog before we can continue.To do this click on "post"type TEST and Publish.
For your blog to be active.---->Now,go to Settings which should consist of 8 tabs.On the tab for "publishing" make sure weblogs is turned onOn the tab for "comments" make sure you turn it to anyone can comment. Click "save settings' after changes in each place.

You will now have to insert adsense to your blog.But before you do that, your blog has to have a post that is relevant to the theme of your website. So,rush down to and grab an article that is relevant, short and optimized for your keyword. Post it on your blog neatly.

Now to sign for Google adsense,simpy click on template if you have reverted to classic will see a tab that says "adsense" at the top.Click on it and fill in the required info.Make sure you choose rectangle for the size of the adsense and choose blend template so that the ads will match the backgroundof your blog at the top(You will need to check your email and complete the google registration there.)
Note that it takes 24-48 hours for google to activate your adsensebecause they will have to check your blog before putting ads on it.

You also have to put adsense at the right sidebar of your blog( not compulsory but that what i do). Then Sign in to your adsense account at , Click on "adsense setup",----------> Adsense for content and create the format of the adsense to place on your sidebar.This area might be a little bit tricky.So, ask questions if you can'tunderstand a particular area.------------>Choose skyscrapers and choose background colours and bordercolours that will blend with the colour of your side bar.Copy the Code you will get after the process.

Now go back to the HTML section of your blog,scroll down towards the endtill you see something like thisPlace your cursor at the end,hit ENTER and paste the code you copied from "save template settings"Remember,it will take 24-48 hours for Google ads to start displaying.Now,go and view your blog.

PS: The next post is going to be on driving traffic to your blog and this is where the real money is. Just make sure to check back and dont forget to ask questions and drop your comments.

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