Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Internet Business - 3 Ways To Generate A Sustainable And Growing Internet Income

If your dream is to build a sustainable business that just gives you an ever-increasing income every month, then read on. I'll make this article worth your while.

Personally, I know of 3 ways to generate a sustainable and growing Internet income. Thousands of entrepreneurs use these strategies to create Internet business empires that they can rely on for their rice bowl, and then some. Here are your 3 ways:

1. List Building

When you have a mailing list of subscribers, you have a dependable source of income right there. You can mail them relevant offers and information to build a relationship, and even offer coaching programs. Coaching programs are the ultimate because you can often command fees of up to a $1000 or more per client once you have built up a reputation.

2. Membership Sites

A membership site is always a great way to create residual income online. Instead of making one-time sales, now you are getting instant repeat customers. Your customers will get charged automatically monthly and this is hands-off money in your bank every month! You can easily create a membership payment plan in Paypal or even through Clickbank nowadays.

3. Ebook Publishing

Ebooks are awesome products to sell because you only need to create them one time and they are done! You can keep selling them over and over again and you don't even have to ship anything.

As you can see, the above business models concentrate on selling information. Simply because information is the hottest commodity to sell! There's tons of free information online, but believe it or not, people don't want to find all the answers the hard way, they want it all in a neat package they can devour in 30 minutes and get started.

By: Fabian Tan

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