Thursday, November 1, 2007

How To Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

Do you want to know the secret to making money online? Do you want to know the real trick that every website is making you buy something to learn? I don't think you should have to pay for this. If you sat and thought about it yourself, you'd figure it out. If you just tried it, you'd figure it out. If you actually do it, you'll see it for yourself. Below are the steps. None of them cost a dime. What I suggest you do is study it, learn it, and then do it. I've created the basic outline for you so you don't have to sit and think about how on earth you are going to get rich. All the tools are out there for you and they are all free to use. Are you ready?

Before you start the steps, make sure you realize, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is a get rich smart scheme. This will take time and effort on your part, but what it won't take is money.

Step 1 : Get an internet presence. You can have a website or a blog. Very simple to create these days, use whatever works best for you. Some websites charge a fee for setting up your webpage there, but some are also free. Blogging as you know is completely free. So far, done right, you haven't spent a dollar.

Step 2: Start writing. About what? Easy..anything at all that interests you. Can be photography, golf, music, whatever. Research some information about it. Make it as original as possible. Cost for your thoughts...nothing.

Step 3: Sign up for a Google Adsense account. Yes its free. Then take the Adsense code that Google gives you and put it on your website. Now when people come to your website to read your opinions, thoughts and ideas, they will see advertisements that relate. Once they are done reading, they might click on some of those advertisements. Everytime they click, you make money. If you have a really interesting website, lots of people will read, and lots of people will click. Just look at a site like CNN, its full of Adsense. So now you have your first stream of income, and its cost you nothing.

Step 4: Sign up for some Affiliate programs that sell items that relate to your interest. If your website is about how much you love golfing, find some businesses that sell golf supplies and in most cases, they will have an affiliate program. That means that when you sign up for their affiliate program, they will give you code to put on your website that advertises the stuff they sell. Put the code on your website to create their ads, people click on the ads, and if they buy the item, you get a percentage of the sale. Sign up for only free affiliate programs, which is the majority, and once again , your cost is nothing. This is your second stream of income.

Step 5: Sign up for an eBay account. Find out what some of the most popular selling items are relating to your interest and find the websites that sell them the cheapest. List those products on eBay for just a few dollars more than they are being sold on the cheapest site. Make sure to sign up for that sites affiliate program too. When somebody buys the item from you on eBay, ship it to them straight from the website offering the cheapest price. That website in essense becomes your new distributor/dropshipper.

So that's it. Isn't that complicated is it? Some people are happy with just one or two of the income streams and that's just fine, it will take a lot less of your time to do. It's a matter of math. Each income stream can generate about $100 a day if done right, and much much more if mastered. Think about it, if you work hard enough to make $500 per stream per day, you'd be sitting on $60,000 profit for the month, and it cost you NOTHING to set up. Don't get too ahead of yourself though, you'll probably start out making a few dollars per stream and you'll have to build up your business and once you start earning, you can invest a little into getting the right tools to do it. But as you're doing it, you will keep learning and keep refining so that you've maximized every income stream. The beautiful part is once these processes are set up, there is very little work required from you other than maintenance. So yes the first month or few months will consist of you learning, doing, and learning some more, but do it right and its smooth sailing after that.

Most people are content with working a 40 hour week and earning their living that way. Some people will follow the steps above and succeed, and some will not follow through on go on to something else that they won't follow through with. But a very select handful of people will succeed with the steps above, and then take the next step towards really making some money. And yes, this step again will cost you nothing to do. This is America. Instead of working hard for your money, why not sit back and let your money work hard for you? I'm talking about investing. With the presence of the internet, you can spend your time learning for free about any topic you desire.

My suggestion is to stop playing around with useless forwards, myspace, facebook, linerider or whatever else it is you do online and start learning about the wonderful world of investing. This is where you put your money to work for you. Learn about stocks, real estate, mutual funds, oil, or anything else that interests you. If there is a company that you really like and feel that they provide excellent service, instead of always buying from them, why not invest in them too? Or if you know nothing about investing, put your money in an index fund and watch it grow. The S&P 500 historically grows between 8% - 15% per year. Learn nothing about the stock market, put your money there, and watch it grow. Guess what, in no time, if you invest the money you made online wisely, you'll be rich. I'm not going to tell you what to invest in. I am going to tell you to start learning about the world of investing if you really want to build wealth. Fact is most Americans spend more time planning vacations than learning how to invest their money and that is a shame.

Involved in every step of building your wealth, is education. Educate yourself about website design, eBay, Affiliate marketing, advertising and investing. Educate yourself in anything that you are interested in and let it make you money. Stop working like a dog and start thinking like a human. We are on this earth to better ourselves, we can better ourselves through education, and the best kind of education is self learned. So start learning, and get financial freedom!

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